Best Social Bookmarking Software and Tools

Why do you need a social bookmarking software? One of the oldest way to build links is sharing your posts on social bookmaking sites, though it is old, it is still very effective, as Google sees these sites as indicators how popular and useful a post is. The more shares a post have on these sites, the higher the possibility it is valuable for the visitors and in the eye of Google. Overall, using bookmaking sites is a good way to get links, plus for getting targeted, direct Social Bookmarking Softwaretraffic.

Here you can read some social bookmarking tips

The only problem we may have with social bookmarking is that it is rather time consuming process. Fortunately, many tools can be used nowadays to make this task much more faster and even more effective. Within this article I would like to give reviews of the best tools to bookmark effectively.

Best Social Bookmarking Software & Tools

Bookmarking Demon

[label style=”success”]Winner[/label]This is definitely one of the most well-know software for bookmarking task. It comes with all the goodies you will need and automatically submit your site up to thousands of bookmarking sites if you want. This automatic tool contains all the necessary functions you will need like account creation, multiply profile submission, spintax etc.

If you are serous with SEO and have many website and other online content, this social bookmarking software is a must have. One more thing that I have to mention is that this software is regularly updated and developers usually add even more features.

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  • Automatic account creation
  • Fast and effective automatic submission
  • Many build in bookmaking sites and more can be added as well
  • Many features for randomization
  • Scheduler
  • Content Spinning And Rewriter
  • Ability to manage many accounts easily
  • Proxy support
  • Human Simulation + Anti-Bot


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This is another tool I suggest to use for distributing your posts. It is really easy to use and allows us to submit posts up to 45 sites among them it allows Facebook, Google+ and Twitter submission as well. In order to use it, we should install a small software on our computer that manges the submissions. I use this tool daily to share my posts and build 2nd tier links. What I do not like about this tool is that you should add accounts manually, though it is a one time task. You can even use a free version with less submission possibilities. Another tool I suggest for easy social bookmarking.



[label style=”success”]My Favorite[/label]This is the latest social bookmarking tool I have been using for some month now and it is one of my mostly used tool. It works something like OnlyWire, but it allows you to set up different groups for different projects. However, it does not support so many sites like OnlyWire, but it supports spintax and if you purchase it allows unlimited submissions. A desktops software is used for automatic submission. This is cheap, powerful solution for SEO bookmarking, and they continuously improve this service.


[tabs style=”1″][tab title=”Best Features”]

  • Multiple bookmarking, blog and status update .
  • Multiple groups and add multiple connections to each group.
  • Works with spinned syntax and it works with the Best Spinner.
  • You can use 301 url shortner if you wish.
  • Full report generation.
  • WordPress plugin for automatic submission.
  • Send multimedia to linked accounts and many others.


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[label style=”success”]Free[/label]Another automatic social bookmarking tool that offers free and premium service, however I think the free version is enough. It allows to submit 3 sites per a day to submit them up to 100 bookmaking sites. From a free service I think it is not bad. It supports spintax as well. What I like about this service is that it allows drip submission, which is I think really helps to build more natural links. I use it for building 2nd tier links.



This is another online service to build links by submitting posts to social bookmarking sites. It is not free, but really cheap to use – less than $2 – and allows you to submit 10 links up to 15 social bookmaking sites.  It also supports drip submission and spintax. I have been using it for a month now and works well.



Another old, but effective social bookmaking online tool. It is sort of semi-automatic tool, that allows simple and fast submission up to 20 sites. If you do not need a powerful tool for bookmarking and do not want to pay, you can use this tool.


Digi Traffic Accelerator

The last social bookmarking software I would like to mention is Digi Traffic Accelerator (DTC) which allows bulk submission up to hundreds of mainly Pligg sites automatically. It supports automatic account creator, captcha solving, and spintax. It is good tool to build great amount of links in short time.

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  • Windows Desktop Software
  • Simple User Interface
  • Automatically Create Accounts On 500+ Posting Sites
  • Email Confirmation
  • Unlimited Link Posting
  • Leverage a Mix of Both High PR and Low PR Sites
  • Multithreaded Processing


As you can see above there are quite of lot of social bookmarking software and other services that helps to distribute your content on bookmarking sites easily and automatically.

[note color=”#e4eaec”]Do you know other automatic social bookmaking software or tool that must be mentioned here? Share, with us![/note]




  1. What a great collection of tools for bookmarking! I have just started to use these sort of of sites for building links and I’ve been searching for a tool to make the bookmarking process easier when I fount this post. Great!

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